Vehicle Tracking
  • 24hr real-time visibility over mobile workers
  • Reduce costs - Manage legislative compliance
  • Boost productivity /tracking_detail.php?id=2
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Live and dynamic timesheets
  • 24hrs vehicle location identifications
  • Powerful search capacity
  • Access real-time travel updates
  • Personal Tracking
  • Diverse range of carrier events
  • Alert methods - telephone, SMS or email
  • Activate voice channel
  • Emergency button, auto-dial,
    speaker & microphone
  • Container Tracking
  • Ongoing container tracking and monitoring
  • Insurance risk management
  • Security regulations
  • Container operation management
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Easy installation and operation
  • WatchLock
  • Ideal for remote infrastructures
  • Ideal for the protection of goods in transit
  • Provide real-time GPS tracking lock system
  • Tracking the exact opening and closing times
  • Generate automatic system periodic reports
  • Fleet Tracking

    M-Track provide our customers with the right tools to manage a mobile service workforce more effectively and profitably. We do this by providing access to real-time information that improves operational control and revolutionises remote worker security.

    M-Track Fleet REPORTER/Entry Level Fleet Tracking System

    M-Track-Reporter is an easy to use internet based application providing the core vehicle location data required to improve fleet management. It is ideal for businesses that require a simple, instantly deployable, cost effective fleet tracking solution. Reporter delivers essential performance reports straight to your inbox and provides your staff with total operational control..


    Major Benefits

                - Eliminate timesheet abuse Gain

                - 24hr real-time visibility over mobile workers

                - Radically improve customer service

                - Control the hours mobile employees are working

                - Boost productivity

                - Reduce costs Manage legislative compliance

    Product Features

    M-Track Reporter brings proven telematics functionality to new or expanding businesses that don't want to commit to a complex solution. Based on the technology of M-Track, Pakistan's leading telematics solution, Reporter provides regular reports on fleet activity so that businesses can analyse key metrics that enhance the productivity and effectiveness of their fleets.

                - View current position and status of driver & vehicles

                - Vehicle data available one one screen 'Right Click' reporting and easy navigation

                - Allocate nearest vehicle to a location

                - Access real-time traffic updates

                - Publish and review summary reports

    M-Track reporter can be scaled up with additional modules and functions, without hardware upgrades should your requirements change or your use of vehicle tracking become more sophisticated in the future.

    M-Track ONLINE

     M-track-Online is an advanced vehicle tracking and reporting solution providing everything you would expect from the leading solution on the market, with additional optional modules enabling advanced and user driven reporting, automatic links to power take off, integrated satellite navigation and industry leading Duty of Care and Data Analyser tools. M-Track-Online is fully scalable, meaning that additional services can be taken up quickly, cost effectively and can be supplied within our single telematics unit.

    Major Benefits

                 - Boosts productivity by enabling effective management

                - 24hr real-time visibility over your mobile workers

                - Dynamically schedule workloads

                - Demonstrate compliance with SLA’s (Service Level Agreements)        

    Product Features

    M-Track-Online enables you to capture live location based information on your vehicle fleet every 20 seconds and use exception based reporting to increase productivity. Modules that can be seamlessly added to your solution include Duty of Care and Data Analyser modules. M-Track's unique map-matching process provides the highest level of data accuracy available. This means that reports and information used is of the highest integrity.

                - Live and dynamic timesheets detailing key employee data

                - Identify vehicle locations 24hrs every day of the year

                - Powerful search capacity to match the most appropriate engineer

                - Integrate with back office service management software

                - Live worksheets updated every five minutes

                - Access real-time travel updates

                - Configure reports to review the actual data you need 20 second data capture

    M-Track is the leading supplier of real time vehicle tracking solutions delivered for the service management industry. To find out more about the benefits of working with M-Track in a consultancy driven environment contact us today.


    M-Track-corporate allows large organisations to benefit from M-Track’s consultancy approach to the application of telematic solutions in large multi-site and multi-use organisations where use varies from day-to-day operational management, to the application of data to empower strategic decision making.

    Integrated Approach

    M-Track integrates with the Pakistan's best-of-breed scheduling, route planning and service management software. By adding fleet telematics to your back office solutions, you are gaining something that is far greater than the sum of the individual parts, and extending the value proposition throughout your business.

    M-Track Corporate is 100% relevant to your business if you:-   

                - Experience varied performance across divisions completing the same tasks

                - Are in the public eye where failure to comply with legislation results in brand damage

                - Use inaccurate data on which you base your high-risk decisions

                - Find it increasingly hard to manage stringent service level agreements

                - Need to strategically reduce cost and eliminate waste from your organisation

    M-Track Corporate...

                - Allows instant multi-division benchmarking of target vs performance

                - Provides industry leading 'Duty of Care' modules

                - Uses data to empower your strategic decision making

                - Adds vital operational tools to enable your management manage more effectively

                - Scalable solution to support future integration

    Fully Configurable to your Exact Requirements

    M-Track-Online enables you to fully configure our application to suit your individual business requirements. Modules that can be seamlessly added to your solution include Duty of Care and Data Analyser.